Transcripts up to comic 41 - DONE!

Transcripts up to comic 41 – DONE!

Thanks go to Sandra for her help and motivating me by sending me the next set of transcripts. Some of the transcripts even have added awesome with visual descriptions!

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After the Game

The game on Saturday went really well. We lost by a whole lot of points, but we played every jam like it was a new game and fought the whole way through. It was a lot of fun, I learned a bunch and enjoyed working with my team. Rat Lab and the Outcasts also KILLED it at the after party, Karaoke ftw!

Eric Lyons took some cool B&W photos

and I heard that Geoff Vlcek was there as well (fingers…

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316: Doggies!

I love dogs. My dad used to say all my drawings looked like dogs (there is something doggie about dragons and horses), so it’s interesting to me that the Things comic does bit have a dog character… Even though there is a cat character! Pumpkin Cat seems busy enough feuding with Bunson, however.

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I will be skating on Saturday

I will be skating on Saturday

Dear internet, I will indeed play derbies this coming Saturday. Rat Lab (all female rookie team for Rat City) vs Puget Sound Castaways (all male B team for one of the best men’s teams in the world).

It would be lovely if you could come. I shall tell you on Sunday how it went!

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Phew! All the comic have been renumbered

Phew! All the comic have been renumbered

I was worried it was going to be this big awful epic thing, but I think it took me about an hour, which aint to be.

Next step is to add transcripts to all the Things. Big big thanks to Sandra Odellfor writing transcriptions for us, that make a huge difference. Now I just need to enter all the transcripts you’ve done! It’s weird given that I love writing comic scripts, but I get a sore chest…

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385: change?

It’s so interesting going back through the archives. I love the freshness of the early things. We were still discovering who they were… We’re still discovering but it’s different.

I want to honor and remember that early weirdness, it’s so interesting to see how things develop over time. How things change and how they stay the same.

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384: lifestyle advice from a small pink bunny - success and failure

384: lifestyle advice from a small pink bunny – success and failure

Also, apologies for not posting a comic yesterday. Although you can see how Monday’s failure inspired Tuesday’s success!

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